Auto-Pay Yearly Dues (recommended)

One-Time Dues Payment
Valid for one year of membership. Will not renew automatically.

One-Time Donation
Any amount is appreciated. Your donation goes directly to funding our newsletters and website.

Did you know only 16% of all living BH alumni were dues paying members during our last fiscal year? We encourage all Beta Eta alumni to support their Alumni Chapter to enhance our efforts to keep the bonds of brotherhood strong and alive among all Beta Eta initiates.

Membership in the Beta Eta Alumni Chapter, Inc. (BHAC) is open to all Beta Eta alumni in good standing with the Fraternity who pay the annual membership fee of $50 (the Alumni Chapter believes that price should not be an impediment to membership and, therefore, has set the dues amount purposefully low).

Membership in the Alumni Chapter comes with the following benefits:

    • Eligibility for spotlights in Beta Eta Newsletters.
    • Priority in adding any of your Pi Kapp photos to the new website.
    • Eligibility to vote at the Annual Meeting held each spring.
    • Eligibility to run for election to the Alumni Chapter’s Board of Directors.

The fiscal year for the Alumni Chapter runs from July 1 to June 30, and dues shall become due July 1st each year. Regardless of membership status, all Beta Eta alumni in good standing with the Fraternity will receive the Beta Eta Data and invitations to events.

Member dues provide the financial resources needed to effectuate the mission of the organization and enable the BHAC to provide timely and relevant alumni news to all Beta Eta alumni through the publishing of the Beta Eta Data and maintaining this website. Dues also support our efforts to organize and promote meaningful alumni events.

Disclaimer: The Beta Eta Alumni Chapter, Inc. is a 501 (c) (7) not-for-profit corporation and therefore contributions or gifts are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.