The Ability Experience


The Ability Experience (formerly known as PUSH America) is the national philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, focusing on empowering people living with disabilities. Creative fundraising events like bike-a-thons, scaffold sits and pageants have helped the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi collectively fundraise over $15 million in support of The Ability Experience’s programs.

The Beta Eta Chapter has a proud and strong tradition of supporting The Ability Experience through participation in the following annual events:

Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope (JOH) is a cross-country bicycle trek beginning in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA and ending together with all teams in Washington, D.C.

Ryan Dooley – Journey of Hope, Cyclist (2015)
Gear Up Florida

Gear Up (GOF) is an 800-mile cycling event beginning in Miami and ending in Tallahassee.

Diego A. Ferradas (third from left) and other Pi Alphas arriving in Tallahassee at the end of Gear Up Florida.
Build America 

Build America is a four-week team event traveling the country promoting accessible recreation for people with disabilities.

Brothers that complete one of these three impactful trips are recognized as Pi Alphas. Over 1,800 Pi Alphas are committed to cultivating the experience for the next generation and improving their communities long after their trip has ended.

Our Pi Alphas

Journey of Hope
John Pierce (’86) Crew (1988)
  Crew (1989)
Greg Philo (’87) Cyclist (1989)
  Crew (1990)
Andre Batista (’14) Crew (2016)
Diego A. Ferradas (’11) Crew (2016)
Anthony Blankenship (’87) Cyclist (1988)
Harry McIntosh (’88) Cyclist (1994)
Stephen Prior (’89) Cyclist (1990)
Seth Klondar (’91) Cyclist (1993)
Walker Jackson (’91) Cyclist (1995)
Chris Mueller (’92) Cyclist (1995)
Patrick Graham (’98) Cyclist (2001)
Ryan Barr (’99) Cyclist (2001)
Brett Tickell (’09) Cyclist (2011)
Ben Sansing (’10) Cyclist (2013)
Justin Spears (’10) Cyclist (2013)
Ryan Dooley (’12) Cyclist (2015)
Phil Sippiora (’12) Cyclist (2015)
Stewart Beshears (’14) Cyclist (2016)
Matthew George (’14) Cyclist (2017)
Sam Jaramillo (’14) Cyclist (2017)
Clayton Muehlstein (’14) Cyclist (2017)
Chad Whitehead (’14) Cyclist (2017)
Gear-Up Florida
Greg Philo (’87) Cyclist (1999)
Brian Baber (’92) Cyclist (2005)
Chris Mueller (’92) Cyclist (2005)
Durwood Thompson (’95) Cyclist (1998)
Quincy Grant (’15) Cyclist (2016)
Chad Whitehead (’14) Cyclist (2016)
Chris Garrison (’15) Cyclist (2016)
Diego A. Ferradas (’11) Cyclist (2017)